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Aleksander Višnevski

Attorney and Managing Partner

 +370 6 871 0155


Graduating law at Mykolas Romeris University, a lawyer accumulated a lot of experience, who specializes in civil law, tax law, criminal law and administrative law. During 18 years of legal work he was able to achieve excellent results in his career. He worked in the office of internal affairs as investigator. State Tax Inspectorate Chief Counsel, and later head of the legal department. Ministry of Internal Affairs - chief specialist. While working in legal workplaces he gained experience to represent the state, and then the people's interests. Due to the fact that he organized, coordinated and submitted to the Seimas legislation - he has knowledge of the legislative process and principles. While working as a lawyer, he taught at the University Tax Law and Public Finance disciplines.

2011. recognized as an attorney, joined the law firm „Misiūnas & Partners“.

2017. established law firm “Višnevski & Partners”, became Managing Partner.

Taking job responsibly, not only during working hours but also after their completion. Hobbies coordinate with work, where he values accuracy, thoroughness and responsibility in transfers. Not for nothing this professional community credo - Focus on person, assistance for business.

Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian, Polish.

Simonas Makrickas


 +370 6 102 1709


Has more than 10 years of legal experience in civil, criminal, administrative and administrative offense cases. After graduating from law studies, he gained professional experience by participating in several international projects, represented clients' interests in courts, pre-trial investigation institutions, in relations with legal entities and individuals, therefore can guarantee the maximum result for the client. Provides detailed legal consultations in Lithuanian, English, German and Russian languages, performs legal audit of documents, compiles specific legal strategies, analyzes and prepares documents in English.

Business law, insurance law, bankruptcy law, contract law, labor law are just a few of the areas in which this lawyer specializes.

Clients from foreign countries and Lithuania describe Simonas as an energetic legal expert who is able to find the most optimal and best solutions that meet clients' expectations. Privacy and confidentiality are essential qualities that set Simonas apart from other legal professionals.

Languages: Lithuanian, English, German, Russian.

Albert Barkovski


 +370 6 043 7697


Associate-attorney, an experienced lawyer, not only provides advice on various legal issues, but also prepares procedural legal documents. He gained legal experience while working in the Vilnius City District Court, later from 2013 working as a lawyer in a law firm. 2017 joined our law firm and became an integral part of the team. Albert can perfectly analyze your legal problems and promptly provide the most acceptable solution in the most rational time frame.

Persistence, achievement and implementation of the set goal are the traits that perfectly describes Albert.

Languages: Lithuanian, English, Polish, Russian.