About us

Law firm „NOILEX“ and its team specialize in civil law, administrative law, criminal law, commercial and tax law. We are very proud of our team. We are young, but strong professionals in our field, with the highest legal education and many years of experience. We constantly seek to be a reliable partner for our clients and we are able to respond promptly to legal problems and provide a wide range of legal assistance. We have the most experience in advising on business and tax law, drafting and evaluating various types of contracts, providing legal opinions and strategies, representing clients in courts and pre-trial dispute resolution institutions. Our other areas of legal activity include corporate and commercial law, employment law, real estate and construction, insurance law. We mediate and negotiate on behalf of the client to find the best compromise solution. We also provide services to individual clients - we consult on family law issues, resolve employment disputes and represent during pre-trial investigations and criminal cases. We delve into each client's problems, situations to be solved and expectations in order to find and offer the most suitable solutions. We work in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and professional competence. Mutual trust, professionalism, efficiency, responsibility and confidentiality are the value bases of our legal work, which allows us not only to achieve exceptional professional results, but also to earn long-term appreciation and trust of Lithuanian and foreign clients.

Our credo – „Focus on person, assistance for business“